Max/MSP Externals 
GMEM External objects for Max/MSP

GMU externals : Granular synthesis DSP objects for MaxMSP.

Includes bufgranul~, syngranul~ and livegranul~ respectively for buffer based, sinusoidal and live input granulation.

Download GMU external for OSX UB & Windows

Note : the package includes max4 & max5 compatible UI objects (bargraf~ and panpot)

bargraf~ : measure the maximum peaks at the frequency you can choose.
Even if only one sample goes over 1.0, you'll see it.

Allows you to see very small level (-95.9dB)

Includes bargraf~, bargraf and cretmet~

Download meters for os9 , OSX PPC , OSX UB & Windows

Download bargraf~ (beta) for Max5 OSX & Max5 Windows

Note : bargraf (without ~) is unsupported for Max5.

panpot : a 360° dial

Download panpot for os9 , OSX PPC , OSX UB & Windows

Note : panpot is unsupported for Max5 : workaround

idleubutton : an extended transparent button with idle mouse position reporting

Download idleubutton for OSX PPC , OSX UB & Windows

Download idleubutton (beta) for Max5 OSX & Windows

multiouts~ : 360° panning object ( up to 16 outputs )

Download multiouts~ for os9 , OSX PPC , OSX UB , Windows & pd

rand_dist_list~ : arbitrary distribution random signal generator driven by an internal clock or by signal zero-crossing
(distribution set by a list of probability)

Download rand_dist_list~ for OSX PPC , OSX UB & Windows